1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year in the United States

Published on May 28, 2024

Do your daily walks cross a road? 

Then it’s important to know the basic essentials that can save your dog from a tragedy. 

How many times have you come dangerously close to having your dog slip away during a walk, leaving you with a pounding heart? 

Most dog gear out there just isn’t good enough in case of emergency!

Pet Emergency clinics in the US confirm time after time that over 70% of accidents happen during a walk, and the vast majority of them (Approximately 90%) are due to the gear failing to do its job in the most critical time.

Sniff & Bark™ offers the ultimate security dog gear for all dog types and preferences (including stylish ones!).

Never Slip Away With Sniff & Bark Harnesses™

From weight distribution to the strongest materials, every aspect of our harnesses is engineered, tested and vetted for safety!

The lockable buckle adds extra protection, handling up to 352 lbs of pressure —3.3x the industry standard! 

Doesn't matter the activity, our harness provides 8x safer adventures.

Ensure Perfect fit & Happy walks

Easily fits your dog’s unique shape with 3 adjustable points for comfort & protection.

Enjoy happy, strain-free walks with flexible back straps that move smoothly with your dog’s movements.

This unique design prevents harmful pulling while adding protection and extending the harness’s life.

Protect Your Pup With Premium Materials 

Think Cloud-like comfort & balanced body temperature all year round, with extra light & airy breathable padded mesh. 

Free movement and healthy skin with our buttery-soft anti-chafing Lycra edges. 

Whether running, playing, swimming, or just goofing around, your pup stays safe, happy, and irritation-free.

Don't Compromise On Safety: 

Choose Sniff & Bark

Invest in the safety and well-being of your pup.

Don't let your precious pooch ever be in the line of danger, or become a statistic. 

With our stylish designs and innovative features, you can rest assured that your pup will stay safe, secure, and stylish on every adventure.

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