Essential Dog Collars for Fall

Essential Dog Collars for Fall - Sniff & Bark

Fall is a wonderful time to bond with your dog and look good while doing it. Get into the spirit of the season with these fall dog collars from Sniff & Bark!
10/22/2022 | Sniff & Bark

The air is beginning to become crisp, leaves are changing color, and the temperature has begun to drop. You know what this means, Sniff & Barkers — fall is just around the corner!

But are you and your canine friend ready for it?

To ensure that you and your favorite doggo are prepared for the changing seasons, we’ve selected seven fall-ready collars from the Sniff & Bark boutique, especially for you. Each dog collar is made with our trademark quality, sturdy D-ring buckle, customizable clasp, and of course — fall-worthy prints.

Take a look and be inspired. These fall dog collars are the perfect accessories to usher in this exciting new season with.

Plus, we also added seasonal care tips for your dog at the end so don’t miss it!


Sniff & Bark Top 7 Fall Dog Collars

1. Pumpkin Bow Tie Collar and Pumpkin Flower Collar

Whether it’s Halloween, a bountiful harvest of pumpkins, or the many pumpkin-inspired fall recipes, these large orange-yellow fruits are a staple of the season. 

So, what better way to welcome fall than with the Pumpkin Bow Tie Collar and Pumpkin Flower Collar?

These Halloween dog bow tie collars feature adorable pumpkin prints that are unmistakably reminiscent of autumn. 

Get our pumpkin dog collar as a dog bowtie collar or with a floral attachment. Other options include the Pumpkin Flower Collar & Leash Set and the Pumpkin Flower Mega Bundle. The Pumpkin Bow Mega Bundle is the ultimate matching collection with its matching dog leash, cute dog bow tie collar, Halloween dog bandana, Halloween dog harness, and poop bag holder.

2. Checker Orange Bow Tie Collar

Halloween is the event of the season, making pumpkins and shades of orange autumnal colors. For a dashing take on Halloween dog collars, check out our Checker Orange Bow Tie Collar which beautifully brings together hues of orange and light orange.

This dog collar with bow tie is the perfect color combination for fall!

3. Bright Orange Bow Tie Collar

For a simpler design on a fall favorite, consider our Bright Orange Bow Tie Collar. These solid-colored custom collars are festively bright, making colder days less dreary and more lively. 

Get ready with your best dog leash because you and your pet will be ready to hit the dog parks in style with this decidedly fall-colored dog collar.

4. Baby Orange Bow Tie Collar

Not a fan of bright orange accessories? Don’t worry. Sniff & Bark still has you covered with its Baby Orange Bow Tie Collar. With its more subdued orange shade, you can still celebrate the beauty of fall with this Baby Orange Bow Tie Collar. 

Mix and match it with a cute leash or get a Baby Orange Leash for a perfect match! 

Its unique shade ensures that you’ll have a cute bow tie collar that no one else has.

5. Yellow Floral Bow Tie Collar and Yellow Floral Flower Collar

One of the best things about fall is the leaves changing colors. This Yellow Floral Bow Tie Collar and Yellow Floral Flower Collar capture their colors wonderfully with their tinges of orange, yellow, and red. The nature-inspired print includes flowers, leaves, and branches which are a lovely and somewhat nostalgic reminder of the season that was. This design is also available as a dog bandana.

Showcase the best of fall with this lovely Yellow Floral Bow Tie Collar!

6. Daisy Flower Collar

Do you love daisies and shades of yellow? Then, this mustard-colored Daisy Flower Collar is a must-have fashion accessory for your dog. The shade of yellow isn’t too bright and provides a striking backdrop against its whimsical daisy print.

Its fanciful design is sure to evoke smiles and lots of belly rubs for your four-legged friend!

Whichever of these fall accessories you choose, you’ll love their handcrafted quality and carefully selected prints. Each product comes in four sizes and an adjustable buckle so you can further customize the fit for your dog. 

You’ll be proud to have such beautiful dog collars ready for fall and your dog will love wearing them! 

Remember, most of our products come with matching puppy leashes, harnesses, bandannas, and poop bag holders, allowing you to have a complete fall-worthy ensemble.

7. Autumn Leaves Bow Tie Collar

Last but not the least, is our newest fall arrival Autumn Leaves Bow Tie Collar. Featuring a beautiful shade of brown with adorable autumn leaves.

Its lovely design is sure to evoke smiles and lots of belly rubs for your four-legged friend!


Seasonal Dog Care Tips for Fall

Fall brings with it many changes, requiring us to adapt in terms of the care we give our dogs. Ensure that the season brings nothing but happy and cozy memories by taking note of a few friendly reminders…

Keep Your Dog Away From Pesticides

As the weather cools, you may notice more rodents like mice and rats taking refuge in your home. You may try to prevent this by spraying pesticides in your home but don’t forget that many pesticides have chemicals that are toxic to our doggos. They can even cause death.

When warding off pests at home, you should thus look for dog-friendly and pet-safe solutions. All it takes is a little extra research to ensure their health and safety!

Focus on Keeping Your Dog Warm and Cozy

This may not be a problem if you have a Saint Bernard or a Siberian Husky (breeds that easily adapt to cold weather) but some dogs need a little extra help staying warm and cozy during the colder months.

If you notice that your dog has cold ears, is shivering, or moving more slowly, it may be feeling cold. Keep your dog comfortable by letting it wear a sweater. You can also help it get ready for the upcoming chill by adding more protein and fat to its diet.

Don’t Stop Tick and Flea Prevention Measures

There’s a misperception that tick and flea infestations can only happen during the warm months of summer, however, you’d be mistaken to stop tick and flea prevention measures just because an infestation seems less likely. Continue administering products that protect your canine from ticks and fleas year-round. 

Remember, it only takes one tick or flea for a full-blown infestation. That’s a whole lot of washing and cleaning that you can easily avoid!

Wash Their Paws After Every Walk 

When fall hits, people tend to use more antifreeze, fertilizers, fungicides, and herbicides which are dangerous to our pets. It’s thus a good idea to wash their paws after every walk to ensure that they don’t bring harmful substances indoors.


Before You Go: Be Fall-ready With the Right Accessories and Care Tips

With these accessories from Sniff & Bark and a few handy reminders, you’re all set to face the season in style and make new happy memories with your furry family member.

We hope you have an enjoyable and wonderful season with your pet!


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