Get your pup the best treats and savings

Our Bark Coins rewards program is a wonderful way to save money on future purchases. Buy more, save more - because which pup doesn’t like to get rewarded for being the most loyal fur friend on Earth!

How to earn Bark Coins?
200 coins when you sign up for the program
5 coins for every dollar spent
100 coins when you follow us on IG
Free product with orders

And here's our favourite part:

Give a friend a $10 coupon to use towards their purchase when you refer them. When they make their purchase, you will also receive a $10 coupon for being the best pupfluencer! ;)

How to redeem your coins?

500 bark coins = $5 off

1000 bark coins = $10 off

and so on!

You can claim coupons with the Bark Coins you have, and also redeem free products with your Bark Coins!