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About Our Collars

The durable D-ring makes leash attachment convenient, quick, and secure. If you’d like to go the whole nine yards, consider getting Sniff & Bark’s full set which includes a matching leash.

In addition to high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, our floral dog collars also offer customization options! Simply type in your name and phone number together with your preferred font before submitting your order and we’ll engrave these details onto the metal clasp. Engraving provides an added layer of security if your dog ever wanders too far.

We offer a selection of sizes from extra small to large. Our dog collars can fit necks that are 8 inches to 24 inches (20 centimeters to 60 centimeters) wide. If you aren’t familiar with your dog’s measurements, you can also use our size guide by breed to determine or confirm the proper size. These collars are also adjustable, so you can make minor adjustments to achieve the exact fit you need.