Oddball Facts About the Uniquely Beautiful Bulldog

Oddball Facts About the Uniquely Beautiful Bulldog - Sniff & Bark

Droopy eyes and wrinkled skin make the bulldog look like a sourpuss but this friendly dog has many surprises for those ready to love its unorthodox looks.
10/22/2022 | Sniff & Bark


The bulldog is a unique breed that is the embodiment of several contradictions. They have almost nonexistent snouts, wrinkled faces, somewhat droopy eyes, and stocky frames that can look rather imposing but they’re sweet and gentle creatures that are devoted to their humans. These qualities have made them known and admired by many animal lovers across the world, making them one of the most popular dog breeds ever.

Fans of the breed fondly refer to them sometimes as “bullies” but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’re aggressive or aloof. Bullies love their humans and readily express their devotion as affectionate, docile, and reliable pets. Though they have a rugged look about them, the bulldog is one of the best pets for families since they love being around people and are known for being gentle with children.

Perhaps their only downfall in terms of temperament is their proclivity for inactivity. But this isn’t such a big disadvantage for owners who like spending quality time indoors. In fact, many apartment dwellers will find that this is the perfect city dog for them!

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, the stately and loyal bulldog is proof that you most certainly shouldn’t dismiss a dog because of its size or looks.

While bulldogs are predictable dogs, they have many traits that have made them one of the most fascinating and beloved breeds in the world. Join us as we take a look at some of the oddball facts about them!

1. There Are at Least 15 Types of Bulldogs

Owing to their immense popularity, humans have been breeding bulldogs for centuries. As a result, the breed has multiple variations. The original bulldog (and the type most people refer to) is the English bulldog, however, the French bulldog (or Frenchie) and American bulldog are also well-known. 

Though each features minute variations in terms of looks, French bulldogs have tell-tale bat-shaped ears that stand erect while American bulldogs are bigger and have slightly longer snouts than their English counterparts.

Here’s a related fun fact: Did you know that the rarest bulldog in the world is the campeiro bulldog which hails from Brazil? Campeiro bulldog translates to “field bulldog,” a fitting name because they were used to help manage livestock on country farms. Possessing exceptional stamina, there are only a few of them remaining because they weren’t actively bred and you have to travel to the remote mountains of Brazil to meet one.

2. Bred To Be Fearless and Ferocious

Though admirers of the breed have learned to love the generous folds around their faces, bulldogs were bred to have them for practical reasons. In the 13th century, these small yet courageous dogs were used for bullbaiting, the sport where they got their name from. The English pastime involved tethering a bull to the ground and encouraging bulldogs to try and bite the bull’s nose. The extra skin around their faces allowed them to withstand attacks and keep fighting.

But don’t worry, fur parents, the dangerous and barbaric activity has thankfully been banned since 1835.

It’s gratifying to realize that bullies have become such tender-hearted softies despite the fact that they were originally bred to be fearless and ferocious.

3. The Best Skateboarders on Four Legs

These sedentary dogs may be more athletic than you might expect. Surprisingly, several bulldogs have become known for their skateboarding prowess. They do more than the bare minimum of staying on the board. Bulldogs can also do tricks and turns while zipping around.

In 2015, a bulldog from Peru named Otto broke the Guinness World Records by skateboarding under the legs of 30 people who formed a human tunnel. 

After Robert Rickards and Luciana Viale adopted the English bulldog puppy, the wily dog often watched its human family playing football, surfing, and skateboarding. He eventually surprised them by speeding toward them on a skateboard.

This distinction isn’t shared by Otto alone. Other skateboard-loving bulldogs include Tyson from California and Tillman, the dog who held the world record that was later broken by Otto. Though Tillman — otherwise known as Pot Roast (one of his bulldog puppy names) — died seven years ago, you can still see him in this video enjoying life on a skateboard and surfing. 

One of the reasons why these canines are gifted skateboarders is because of their short legs which help their center of gravity. This keeps them low to the ground and makes it easier to balance.

4. A Combination of the Asiatic Mastiff and the Pug

What do you get when you put the Asiatic mastiff and the pug together? 

Why a bulldog of course! 

The breed can thank the mastiff for its solid muscular build, large head, and bold personality. Meanwhile, it inherited its short legs and almost flat face from the pug. Did you spot the resemblance?

5. A Presidential Breed

The stately bulldog seems to be a popular choice among US presidents. Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding all owned one. Since Harding had a bulldog during his presidential term, his pet named Oh Boy had the esteemed title of First Dog. 

6. Breed That Is Most Often Used as a Sports Mascot

It’s a given that bulldogs aren’t the most active pets (just take a look at this adorably lazy Frenchie who refuses to budge from the ground) but American sports teams use them as mascots more than any dog breed or animal in the world.

In the United States, as many as 39 universities have bulldog mascots. Why? Because they represent fortitude and perseverance.

Bulldogs: Lovable, Reliable, and Surprising

It isn’t hard to see why this distinctive breed has such a sizable fan base. With their one-of-a-kind looks and endearing personalities, bulldogs are easy to love and multi-talented. Though they don’t have a natural penchant for the outdoors or an active lifestyle, they can sure surprise us by being natural skateboarders and surfers when they decide to go outside their comfort zones!


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