Tiny Trends: 5 Fashion Tips for your Yorkie

Tiny Trends: 5 Fashion Tips for your Yorkie

Celebrate National Yorkshire Terrier Day with our chic Yorkie fashion tips! Whether you have a Yorkie or know someone who does, these actionable tips promise a confident and stylish stride.

01/22/2024 | Sniff & Bark


Happy National Yorkshire Terrier Day 💛. Do you have a Yorkie by your side, or perhaps you know someone whose world is brightened by the irresistible charm of these pocket-sized companions?

Today, as we celebrate National Yorkshire Terrier Day, let's dive into the adorable world of Yorkie fashion. Whether your pup is already a trendsetter or just getting started, these clear and actionable styling tips will have them strutting with confidence and turning heads wherever they go.

Now, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the read <3


1. Styling Tip 1: Perfect Fit, Perfect Fashion

Choosing the right size isn't just about making your Yorkie look fabulous – it's a safety essential!

Yorkies, with their petite frames, shine in perfectly tailored outfits. The right size not only frames their petite bodies but also ensures a snug and secure fit, eliminating the risk of slips or escapes.

For Sniff & Bark collars and harnesses, Yorkshire Terriers wear the XS size, and for our apparel, it's XXS or XS, depending on their weight. Recommendations? For Yorkies between 4-7 lb, opt for XXS, and for those between 6-12 lb, XS is the way to go.


2. Styling Tip 2: Patterns, Colors, and a Pop of Visibility

Bright colors and bold patterns are a Yorkie's best friends, especially for those evening strolls. Yorkies, with their vibrant personalities, love showcasing their unique style.

Add a touch of safety to their stylish ensemble with reflective elements. Imagine your petite pup shining bright during nighttime walks. Dog coat like Reversible Zoomies Rain Vest is a great example for both style and safety. 


3. Styling Tip 3: Accessory Elegance

Accessorizing is an art, and for Yorkies, it's about choosing comfort alongside style. When opting for fabrics, think 100% cotton – breathable, cozy, and dog-friendly. Yorkies adore tiny bowties, bandanas, or a personalized touch – accessories should be a reflection of their unique personality, allowing them to stand out with elegance.


4. Styling Tip 4: Seasonal Sensations

As the seasons change, so should your Yorkie's wardrobe. Yorkies, with their luxurious coats, appreciate cozy sweaters in winter and breathable fabrics in summer. Let the weather guide your pup's style. Comfort and trendsetting go hand in paw, ensuring your furry fashionista is ready for every season.


5. Styling Tip 5: DIY Delight

Tap into your creative side with DIY projects that amplify your Yorkie's style. Yorkies, being natural charmers, love the extra attention that comes with homemade scarves, personalized t-shirts, or unique creations. Celebrate your Yorkie's individuality with unique fashion statements that are as one-of-a-kind as they are.


On this special day dedicated to Yorkshire Terriers, let's celebrate their unique charm and undeniable style. With sizing tips and safety-conscious gear tailored specifically for Yorkies, your furry friend is ready to conquer the fashion world. Embrace the joy of styling, making every strut a celebration of your Yorkie's delightful personality. Happy National Yorkshire Terrier Day – let the stylish festivities begin. ☺️💛



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