Walking Times by Breed

Walking Times by Breed

Our team unleashed a quirky guide to dog walking times by breed! Brace yourselves – we were just as surprised as you. Remember, every dog is a unique character, so getting to know what your pup loves is top priority! Let's dive in and find our furry friends on this stroll spectrum.

12/29/2023 | Sniff & Bark



What's the verdict?

Do you guys find this accurate? Comment your dog's breed and how long your walks are, we would love to know!




  • Helen on

    Sarge is a labsky, and the chart is about right 😂 he lets me know when we are all set to head home

  • Jamie on

    We do 120 mins for our 2 border collies and that’s still not enough.

  • Penny on

    Yep, my collie would go on forever if he could

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